Letters: A history mystery bubbles in Red Hook

Red Hook Village Hall

David F. Queen writes, “The pond continues to be, as recited in complaints over the years to the village and described in a 1941 court case about responsibility for it, ‘a health menace by accumulation of stagnant water in the basin.'”

Letter to the Editor: Protecting the land we love

Lucy Hayden of Winnakee writes, “We draft conservation easements to achieve the specific goals of each individual landowner, whether it be to prevent further residential development, to protect healthy grasslands and forests for nature’s creatures, or to keep farmland available for future generations to farm.”

Letter to the Editor: Red Wing undermines our lives

Karl Dunkenberg writes, “In my view, this company has destroyed nature, bullied residents, and condemned municipalities to budget-busting lawsuits wherever its monolithic land grabs take it in strengthening its hold on the gravel business of the Hudson Valley.”

Letter to the Editor: An extraordinary deed

James Boyce writes, “Promises are often hastily made in times of crisis, so imagine our surprise when a pickup truck rolled into our driveway on Saturday and the young driver, who identified himself only as Brian, said he was there to reseed the lawn.”