Local school districts lead county on state tests

Ranking #1 and #2 in proficiency, Red Hook improves, Rhinebeck steps back

As part of the New York State Assessment Program, students in grades 3 through 8 throughout the state are administered standardized tests each year in mathematics and English language arts to measure their proficiency. The results are grouped by grade level.

RH Observer announces expansion into Rhinebeck

Name change to accompany widened coverage area

Beginning with the August 1 issue, every resident in Rhinebeck and Rhinecliff will get the free local newspaper in their mailbox every other Wednesday. Residents in Red Hook, Milan and Tivoli have been getting the paper since its start-up in March.

Dog park volunteers sought

Joint Red Hook-Rhinebeck venture seeks planning help

The towns of Rhinebeck and Red Hook are considering the development of a dog park for use by residents in both towns.