Monthly Archives: June 2013

Hour Town no longer?

Red Hook Village to create 15-minute parking spot in front of Nekos


Red Hook village officials intend to create a 15-minute parking spot right in front of the Nekos Pharmacy entrance near the corner of Route 9.

Dog park is unleashed!

Red Hook, Rhinebeck boards give final approval for shared project


After more than a year of effort by volunteers and town officials in Rhinebeck and Red Hook, the proposed dog park has now been approved by both town boards.

Tivoli adds intercom in Village Hall

Connection for disabled set up until elevator can be fixed

The intercom, which connects the basement level with the Village Clerk’s office on the second floor, is an attempt to provide partial access to village departments for residents who are disabled or otherwise can not climb the several flights of stairs to reach the Clerk’s Office, Village Court or Mayor’s Office.

County legislature approves 10-year sales-tax sharing agreement, seeks mortgage tax

Local legislators divided over $25 million cap for towns, villages and cities, though increases now guaranteed if revenue goes up

The Dutchess County Legislature has approved a new 10-year sales tax distribution agreement with a guaranteed minimum for its municipalities and will also seek to reinstate a mortgage recording tax on homebuyers as a new revenue source.

Summer rec budget doesn’t add up for Rhinebeck town board

They question salary increases, and perceived lack of oversight

Although the raises were small, the last-minute adjustment to salaries before the summer recreation department activities sparked a conversation amongst the board over what it perceives as a lack of oversight on the all-volunteer Recreation Committee.