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State increase in school funding for Red Hook may reach $300K

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An initial review of the recently passed state budget by Red Hook school officials indicates that the schools may receive almost $300,000 more than anticipated in Governor Cuomo’s original budget proposal.

“It is definitely a significant number which, when combined with savings we will realize from retirements and even more expenditure-tightening, enables us to close our budget gap and get us to our tax cap number, or slightly below,” said Kelly Mosher, president of the Red Hook School Board.

The school district has not yet finalized its budget for 2012-2013. In order to stay under the new state-mandated property tax cap, a 2 percent maximum hike, budget officer Bruce Martin estimated last month that the budget hole was $565,000.

The school board is scheduled to present a budget for residents to review at its meeting tomorrow night, April 12. The budget vote is scheduled for May 15.

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