Fire damage on Huckleberry Lane

Where there’s smoke there’s fire

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A relaxing St. Patrick’s Day turned frantic after a homeowner’s brush burning turned into a small wildfire that engulfed his trailer and shed on Huckleberry Lane before being doused by the Red Hook Fire Department.

Al Algiere had finished burning some branches and was certain the fire was out when he went inside. The next time he looked out the window, the woods alongside his driveway was on fire.

“When I came running out, it was burning pretty good here,” said Algiere, referencing the wooded area. “But none of this stuff was on fire yet.”

By “this stuff” Al was referring to his camper, shed and a plastic polysander that was vaporized in the blaze.

“When the poly sander went up, it was so intense and now – it’s just gone!” said Al.

Nobody was hurt and the only damage was to Algiere’s property and the wooded area nearby.

“Lucky [we] have such an incredible fire department that can come and respond this fast and take care of business because it was going…. I tell you what – it was just about to get really, really nasty,” said Algiere.

A statewide ban on residential burning had just taken effect on March 16 and will continue through May 14.

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