Scism Rd Bridge

Scism Road bridge may need replacing

Cost likely to exceed $300,000

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A failing bridge on Scism Road near the intersection of West Kerley Corners Road (County Rt. 78) may need to be replaced, according to Red Hook Highway Superintendent Theresa Burke.

Burke told the Town Board March 13 that the 70-year-old bridge is showing signs of structural damage and may have to be closed to traffic in the near future. The bridge has already been shored up once by the addition of large concrete stabilizing blocks.

According to a damage report created by Crawford & Associates, the bridge must be fully replaced. The estimated cost of replacing it with a similar structure would be about $398,000. Replacing it with a simpler box culvert bridge would cost around $320,000.

The only other access to the area, which contains Mead Orchards, smaller farms and a few residences, is via an even-smaller, historic 16-ton capacity bridge. The current bridge is crossed approximately 6,000 times per year, including trucks from Mead Orchards and school buses.

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