PTSA presents “Food for Thought”

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The March 7th PTSA meeting will feature a presentation by Dr. Allan Sachs on the relationship of diet and the intellectual and emotional functioning of our students.

Dr. Sachs is a New York State certified nutritionist and has been in practice in the Hudson Valley since 1978, as well as the father of three children. He was also a founder and previous owner of the Red Hook Natural Food Store. As a pioneer in the field of holistic health care, his outspoken and passionate commitment to his field is sure to be informative and provide attendees with “much food for thought.”

In Dr. Sachs’ own words:

“There is no doubt that the brain, like any other organ, requires proper nutrition for optimal functioning. An inadequate diet not only puts learning at risk, it also impacts emotional and mental health. Scientists now affirm that poor food choices in childhood are likely to set the stage for serious adult illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, chronic digestive disturbances and obesity to name a few. If the American Dream is a road to opportunity and success the American diet is too often a dangerous speed bump along the way.”

The RHPTSA meeting will be Wednesday March 7, 2012 at 7pm at the Red Hook High School cafeteria.

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