Op-Ed: Village elections deserve attention

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Citizens of the villages of Tivoli and Red Hook can be excused for not noticing that deadlines for the March 20th village elections are approaching quickly.

The village elections have, more often than not, been uncontested affairs drawing little interest and few voters to the polls. When members have stepped down they are often replaced with appointments who never face the voters in a competitive election.

A democracy is at its strongest when participation is high and people are engaged in the process. And as anyone who believes in the free market will agree, competition usually breeds better results and better ideas.

In Tivoli, two village board seats (two-year terms) and the village justice (four-year terms) are up for election. In Red Hook, there is a rare even-year election for one village board seat. You must be a resident of those villages to run for these seats.

Interested individuals in Tivoli should contact village clerk Linda Gonnella at (845) 757-2021 or clerk@tivoliny.org for more information. In Red Hook, contact village clerk Cindi Cole at (845) 758-1081 or info@redhooknyvillage.org.

The first day to file petitions in the village was February 7, 2012. The last day to file independent nomination petitions in the village will be Tuesday, February 14, 2012.

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