Raiders fall to the Spartans

Raiders run cold and fall to Spackenkill team 34-21

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An undefeated Red Hook squad faced a 2-2 Spackenkill team on Saturday night in Poughkeepsie and were handed their first defeat of the season.

The first half was marked by a number of Red Hook turnovers and 21 unanswered points by the Spartans.

After a long halftime, the Raiders returned to the field with renewed purpose, rattling off two touchdowns to cut the lead to 21-14. Their effort to tie it up was stopped by an interception which turned into another touchdown drive for the Spartans to make it 28-14.

Red Hook was not finished and bounced back to score quickly after a touchback on the kickoff. Two passes netting 80 yards yielded another seven points to pull within 7 with just over seven minutes left to play.

After stopping Spackenkill and regaining possession, Red Hook drove down the field to the 12 and after a penalty they lined up for a pass and then…

Spackenkill put the finishing touches on the game with another touchdown to win 34-21.

Red Hook, who came into the game ranked 11th in the state in their class now stands at 5-1 and Spackenkill at 3-2.

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