Stewart's undergoing renovations

Stewart’s getting facelift, new tanks, better lighting

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The Stewart’s located in South Red Hook between Conway’s and Max’s Barbecue is getting a facelift including new, safer fuel tanks, a new roof, signage, improved parking and revamped lighting. The store remains open during construction although the gas pumps have been removed.

Dunkin Donuts in Red Hook

Dunkin Donuts after the dramatic improvements

The changes at Stewart’s are only the latest improvements in the section of Route 9 that marks the southern entry to Red Hook. Last year saw the dramatic changes at the Dunkin Donuts with a complete exterior change, revamped parking and drainage improvements that have eliminated the large puddles of standing water from the entry area on Route 9. Also, the drive-thru line no longer extends out onto Route 9 during rush hours.

Changes such as these must first be approved by the town’s planning board where sites are brought into compliance with any laws passed by the town board since their last visit. Applicants, like representatives from Stewart’s and Dunkin Donuts, work collaboratively with the board to find the best solutions for a specific site.

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