Letters: Voting for those who support the Safe Act

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Judging from the websites and Facebook pages of Republican candidates for statewide office, those in Dutchess County oppose any type of gun control and vow to “repeal” the SAFE Act. But we have yet to hear any of them address how we can prevent instances of mass shootings of innocent children, such as occurred in Newtown.

On Dec. 14, 2012, parents there sent their children to school just like any other day, with a kiss on the cheek and a wish for good work. The horror that those families experienced and the devastation left behind require our elected leaders to address this issue and to do so with real details and plans, not just talk of “rights.”

As a parent, I can’t imagine how I would live with the knowledge that an incident like this could have been prevented if Connecticut had the foresight to pass legislation such as the SAFE Act. Though portrayed by the NRA and its supporters as a way to prevent ordinary people from using guns appropriately, the SAFE Act clearly provides the beginning of a road map to control the absurd use of guns against innocent people, including our school children.

I challenge all those Republicans who oppose the act to come up with a real plan to prevent events such as Newtown from occurring again and to dig into the real work of leading and not just pandering to powerful special interests. Until then, I am voting for those who have led — the Democrats.

Lynn Ruggiero Hyde Park

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