Letters: Support Gary Kenton for Rhinebeck Village Board

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The Rhinebeck Village Board of Trustees has an opportunity to add a talented and hard working individual to replace Brent Neuneker, who has decided to resign.

Gary Kenton, running on the Rhinebeck United line, teaches communications in several area colleges and has a background in education. He has already shown his dedication to good government in his work on the Town Conservation Advisory Board.

Gary has always put the community good foremost, and does not have any commercial ties that might lead him to do otherwise. That alone makes Gary Kenton quite unique; he won’t be returning to some good old boy network once his public service in completed.

Gary Kenton is an honest and straight-talking candidate without a lot of political baggage. He is the type of person so often lacking in our representative form of government, which is so dependent on big money for big favors.

Vote Gary Kenton for the Rhinebeck Village Board of Trustees.

Fred Nagel

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