Letters: Where is the DOT?

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It is mid-morning Monday, March 3, and I am at work, not far from the park in Tivoli where I live. In the distance I hear a helicopter, but it doesn’t register with me until it gets closer. When it begins to circle and land, I know we are in deep trouble. Shortly after, cars begin to drive by my studio on North Road.

That’s what happens when the trouble involves a detour at the intersection of Broadway with Route 9G. I call a friend and find out another kid has been killed, and one has been evacuated by the helicopter.

I can’t take it anymore. Apparently the DOT doesn’t want to interfere with traffic flow. Traffic flow? This is an unacceptable answer. How many times do we have to ask? How many people have to get killed? Is this a question of bureaucracy? If so, bureaucrats, get ready. We’ve had it!

Phyllis Palmer

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