Letters: County Republicans to blame for energy tax

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Hours after County Legislator Rob Rolison received the Republican endorsement for our district’s State Senate race, the NYS Republican State Committee sent robocalls and mailers to county residents blaming State Senator Terry Gipson for the energy tax. This awful tax was part of the 2014 budget, written by County Executive Marc Molinaro and shepherded through the county legislature by its chairman, Rolison. Every Democrat, and only one Republican, voted against it.

Senator Gipson had absolutely nothing to do with writing, submitting or voting for the legislature’s awful tax increase.

In reality, the reverse is true. Senator Gipson has already sponsored three bills in Albany to relieve us of the mandates that our longtime Republican state representatives did little or nothing about. Senator Gipson has voted against every tax increase and every unfunded mandate presented by his colleagues and voted for over $800 million in tax CUTS for businesses and residents in the state, including, cutting the 18-a utility tax.

In short, we just witnessed the Republican Party deliberately mislead the people of Dutchess by blaming Senator Gipson for something the County Executive and the County Legislature are solely responsible: the Dutchess County budget. The energy tax is theirs and theirs alone. Republicans have been making the decisions in the state senate and in the county for decades. Their decisions have led to our current economy, our unemployment, and our downgraded credit rating. Our condition is their responsibility. They should at least stand up and own it.

Elisa Sumner
Chairwoman, Dutchess County Democratic Committee

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