Letters: An open letter to Marc Molinaro

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Is the new home energy tax, which is attributed to your administration, the best way to serve the people of Dutchess County? I don’t think so.

This is a regressive tax and, just in case you do not know, regressive taxes require lower-income families to pay a greater percentage of their income in tax than upper-income families. It is no different than taxing the food poor people have to buy at the supermarkets. We are talking about the most basic needs of all people: food, water, and shelter. Should we begin to tax services to the poor, to the handicap, or to the less fortunate who live in our county?

I suggest you postpone this tax on energy law; otherwise you and your party may not be fortunate enough to be re-elected in upcoming elections. Your supporters who voted for you do not like this tax any more than I do.

Keith F. Greeney


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