Letters: We need to stop the ‘power’ play

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In our Hudson Valley region, we are in the midst of “power” play put upon us by both federal and state agencies, one that would create an unnecessary increased (generating) capacity zone and the other that would require hideous high towers for transmission of electric power from the north to the south.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) proposed “Build Plan” would bring with it a 10 percent rate hike for all of us, when in fact we have under-utilized generating plants within the region, including Roseton and Danskammer near Newburgh.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposal for increasing power to New York City could result in old-technology high-voltage 120-feet high monster towers through our communities in Dutchess and Columbia Counties, taking land, bulldozing houses and spoiling our rural view sheds.

That is, unless the least expensive proposal by an experienced group called Boundless Energy is chosen, which upgrades the voltage on existing towers using proven new-technology high capacity cables along the west side of the Hudson from Leeds to Kingston. Then on to Roseton to cross under the Hudson and be buried under an existing eight-mile corridor to East Fishkill.

Result: no giant towers, a much faster implementation, less overall cost by several factors of reduction (many hundreds of millions of dollars) compared to large utility company proposals.

If you are concerned, you should contact the following:

-Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand and your member of Congress (800)826-3688
-Gov. Andrew Cuomo and your State Senator/Assembly Member (877)255-9417
-New York State Public Service Commission (518)4747-6530, e-mail secretary@dps.nyh.gov

Larry Freedman

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