Letters: Applause for Rhinebeck village planners

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Why will Kirchhoff Builders and Health Quest not commit to permanent preservation of the Northern Dutchess Hospital lawn once current development is complete?

The Rhinebeck village planning board has stated that its original intention has always been to preserve the green space in front of the hospital from future parking lots so that it remains a distinctive feature of the village. After hearing public opinion, on Dec. 3 the planning board remarked that the hospital campus has been “maxed out” and asked Health Quest and Kirchhoff to attach a note to their final site plan documenting that they, too, understand that this green space needs to be retained and that any future parking needs must be met off site.

Handicapped parking is absolutely necessary. However, the required number of spaces can be conveniently located near the front entrance without intruding onto lawn. Night lighting is a continuing concern.

Save Rhinebeck Green Space thanks the village planning board wholeheartedly for reopening public discussion on Health Quest’s expansion plans for Northern Dutchess Hospital. The board should be commended for reflecting public concern in their amended evaluation of the project.

Dorothy Crane and Cate Long
Save Rhinebeck Green Space

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