Letters: A parking garage at NDH would help

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It’s interesting that Rhinebeck Village Place, a 50-room hotel proposed for the site at 46 Market Street, can afford a parking garage, but Health Quest prefers to spread blacktop over its landscape instead of building a parking garage on the Montgomery Street side of its building.

Health Quest and Northern Dutchess Hospital seem to be short-sighted, preferring temporary fixes to long-term planning for the growth of their facilities and patient population. Are they being penny-wise and pound foolish?

A parking garage like the one at Vassar Brothers Medical Center (another Health Quest facility) could be linked to the expanded building at Northern Dutchess, providing safe parking as well as cover for patients and visitors at all times of the year, but especially in cold, icy winter weather. As at Vassar, a garage attendant could issue a ticket to everyone entering the garage, but anyone having an appointment for a diagnostic or medical service could have the ticket stamped (canceling any parking fee) after receiving the service.

Phyllis Marsteller

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