Power lines in Clinton.      Margaret Wentworth / The Observer
Power lines in Clinton. Margaret Wentworth / The Observer

Letters: Fight the intrusive power line plan

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Over the past weeks, information has surfaced about proposals to run high-voltage, 345 kv, power lines through Columbia and Dutchess counties. This abomination would involve constructing 120-foot high towers with aircraft lights, either along existing powerline corridors that now have 60-foot towers or possibly even create a new corridor and widening rights of way by 160 feet.

Land grabs from residents in Dutchess County would be in Milan, Clinton and Pleasant Valley. This would bring health risks from electro-magnetic radiation, lower property values, restructure the tax base and spoil view sheds in our rural settings.

It seems that this proposal was quietly hatched by a task force created by Governor Cuomo. Assuming that there is a need for more power (what about energy efficiencies and conservation?) there are alternatives, such as burying the lines, less expensive over time, or following the New York Thruway right-of-way. Also, localize electric generation using solar, wind and geothermal sources.

From Jan. 7 to 17, there will be an evaluation of alternatives, so please make your views known. Contacts include:

-Governor Cuomo, your State Senator/Assembly member at (877) 255-9417
-Representatives Chris Gibson and Sean Patrick Maloney, Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand at (800) 826-3688
-New York State Public Service Commission at (518) 474-6530, e-mail secretary@dps.ny.gov

Don’t let the power companies and power brokers destroy what we value in our communities!

Larry Freedman

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