Letters: A senior solution to slowing down Red Hook speeders

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I don’t believe we need to slow speed limits in Red Hook. What we need are more elderly drivers out on the roads more often.

I’m a senior myself and I know those a decade or two older than me manage young folk attempting to exceed the speed limit masterfully. Around town, I always keep precisely to the speed limit, but on the outskirts of town, I go crazy and drive exactly 5 mph over the limit (unless I’m behind an octogenarian and then the formula is reversed).

I contribute to speed management any time some young person decides to tailgate me. Let’s just say the speed changes being proposed by the town board are already imposed by me on tailgaters. So what we need are many more seniors on the road, and we’ll save a fortune on new signs.

I live on Rokeby Road, which too many drivers take as a shortcut alternative to Rt. 199. People taking shortcuts are psychologically unable to avoid speeding and tailgating because they believe they are saving time and have an overwhelming compulsion to go too fast, thus proving the efficacy of their route. What they forget is their sixth grade geometry that says: the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

Also, when an over-zealous public servant decided to make every single intersection in Red Hook village a four-way one, he succeeded beautifully in slowing speeds yet caused voluminous amounts of pollution and gasoline waste. And even worse, potential road rage when two very polite drivers arrive at an intersection simultaneously and encourage each other to go first. A friendly argument ensues with each waving nicely at the other to move first, but by the time, one of us decides to finally move, we are ready to walk instead.

It seems obvious that instead of stop signs in every woodchuck hole in the village, what we need is a 15mph village speed limit with stop signs for only the side streets.

Dan Peterson

Red Hook

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