Letters: Tivoli dock is the safest part of that waterfront area

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I have been a resident of Glasco for 20-plus years. Since I have been here, the village of Saugerties has obtained land and built a waterfront park on the Esopus Creek, below the dam. Since I have been here, the Town of Saugerties has built and improved two waterfront parks on the Hudson. Since I have been here, the Rhinecliff waterfront has had major improvements. Since I have been here, the village of Tivoli has talked and talked about making a waterfront park, and nothing has been done.

I am on the river nearly every day April through November, and most times I see people on the Tivoli waterfront. Since the dock has been built, that’s where most of the people are. The dock is really just some decking and reinforcement over the existing dilapidated bulkhead, a small restoration of what the Tivoli waterfront used to be. I have seen the Glasco and Tivoli fire departments jointly using that dock. I have seen a police boat at the dock. I have seen a young family in their small sailboat safely ride out a summer squall at that dock. I know people and guests from the Saugerties Lighthouse use that dock. I have seen people launch their boats from the ‘beach’ at Tivoli and use that dock. I see people fishing from that dock. I see children learning about the river, history and seamanship from that dock. I have seen a small fraction of riverfront commerce restored to an area once thriving with activity.

Anybody who cares to, benefits from that dock. I applaud any individual who takes the initiative to improve something for the public good, where the politicians have just talked. Now I see politicians want to remove the dock, using the excuse of liability. One look at the Tivoli waterfront, full of slippery rocks and broken rotted timbers with exposed spikes, and it’s clear the dock is the safest part of the waterfront. If that dock is removed, everybody loses. This makes absolutely no sense, unless it is a case of personal vendetta. I suppose, just as in Washington, there are local politicians who would rather stifle commerce and the public good than do anything constructive.
A disclaimer; I have no affiliation with Tivoli Sailing Co., and have never been a customer.

Dock Shuter

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