Letters: Supporting Spinzia for Supervisor

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I am writing in support of Elizabeth Spinzia for Rhinebeck Town Supervisor.

As a member of the Town Board, Spinzia was not just a body who shows up at meetings. She carefully researches issues, is prepared and, as consequence, has made positive changes in the governance of the town. Among her achievements was saving overall insurance costs for the town while getting more comprehensive coverage and serving as an active liaison to town committees, including the Assessor’s Office, Zoning Review Group, the Conservation Advisory Board and the Technology Committee.

Spinzia is a hard worker who is not only passionate about the town of Rhinebeck but cares deeply about its citizens of all parties. She listens and studies before she acts and is open to new ideas and points of view.

It would be greatly to Rhinebeck’s benefit to have Elizabeth Spinzia serve as its next Supervisor.

Jan Greenberg

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