Letters: A vote for Joel Tyner

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Weather is now problematic around the globe. The U.S. has suffered super storms, drought, raging fire and massive flooding. Thus, we need forward-thinking leadership to create ways to diminish our CO2 output. This will slow atmospheric heating, save money, and mitigate climate change.

Joel Tyner, running for county legislator representing Clinton/Rhinebeck, knows this and is not afraid to push for change. He is working on solar schemes to save county dollars, and on recycling programs that will stop costly and wasteful incineration while reclaiming/ reusing restored items and harvesting composted nutrients from food and garden waste. He is also one of the few warning us about MTBE contamination found in Rhinebeck/Clinton, and working on clean-up.

Joel’s projects are all win/ win. The only losers are the owners of corporations supplying traditional energy ( gas/oil /coal) and incineration. But they are the few, we the many. Let’s fight on our own behalf, for we humans depend for our security and health on climate moderation. Let’s re-elect a man who sees clearly and is moving toward a better future for Dutchess County, the nation, and the world.

Dan Maciejak

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