Letters: Red Hook needs Micki Strawinski

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Micki Strawinski is the right choice to represent Red Hook in the Dutchess County Legislature. Micki has shown in the past that she will not just “go along” with a vote that she believes is not right. With a long history of service to this community, Micki questions things, and is not afraid to stand up to a group that is proposing something that she feels is not in the best interests of her community, whether Red Hook or Dutchess County. She carefully considers and researches issues, inviting others to do the same and discuss matters at hand, demonstrating this during her tenure on Red Hook’s Town Board.

Her detractors called her “divisive,” but it was democracy in action, and it’s important to note that the measures that Micki questioned and initiated thoughtful dialogue about often resulted in a unanimous vote. Frequently visiting the Dutchess County Legislature as an observer, she again bucked the crowd, questioning the use of our tax dollars. For years, Micki has disseminated information about community events and government issues, whether local or county, informing the community and inviting other citizens to become more active in their government.

Now we have the opportunity to have Micki represent our interests in the County Legislature, not only querying and challenging the proponents of things that will require large expenditures of our tax dollars, but actually having a vote. If you want someone who’ll do that for you in the Dutchess County Legislature, cast your vote on Nov. 5 for Micki Strawinski!

Susan Mora
Red Hook

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