Letters: Team Rhinebeck First is the best

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A vote for Team Rhinebeck First is a vote for Rhinebeck. This election is not about politics, but rather about people. Wayne Rifenburgh, John Traver, and Ryan Dowden are the best candidates for Rhinebeck’s future.

I served with Wayne on the Rhinebeck Village Board when he was Deputy Mayor from 2009 to 2012. He was a very effective board member and always on top of his departments, which included water and fire. A former Chief of the Hillside Fire Department, he was extremely effective as fire liaison. After Wayne moved into the town, he volunteered to stay on as a “construction manager” on the Police Station Project. A Vietnam War-era vet, he also serves his fellow veterans through numerous fundraisers with the local American Legion.

John Traver is a Union College Summa Cum Laude graduate of economics and English. He has the tools to run an efficient government and foster a cohesive community. John has worked at Samuel’s of Rhinebeck since the age of 15. Raised in a small-business family, John understands the virtue of hard work and good manners. He offers the greatest degree of accessibility and also offers unsurpassed representation.

Ryan Dowden, a former PANDA videographer, understands town proceedings and has an impressive recollection of Rhinebeck government. He served as a student member on the Rhinebeck Conservation Advisory Committee, and served as chair of the Community Service Committee while at Dutchess Community College. He has also studied diplomatic relations while abroad in Spain, China, and Morocco.

I urge folks to look past the polarizing and divisive nature of party politics, and examine the people involved. Team Rhinebeck First is just the ticket on Nov. 5.

Howie Traudt
Rhinebeck Village Deputy Mayor

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