Letters: Dutchess County and Red Hook need Strawinski

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The clear choice in this fall’s election for County Legislator representing Red Hook is Micki Strawinski. A dedicated volunteer for so many town and school functions over the last 20 years, Micki has an exemplary record in this active community. From PTA to helping organize the town’s roadside clean-up program, to Trails Committee work, to farmers market assistance, to her work on the Town Board, Micki is essentially everywhere and available to everyone who needs help.

As a fellow Town Board member, I had the opportunity to watch Micki make the difficult and correct decisions for Red Hook, a practice frankly that doesn’t happen often enough in government on all levels. The county budget is in shambles. And now a $200 million jail is being pushed by the Exec, and our current legislator will rubber-stamp whatever he says. I need someone to look at this situation and other issues that carry with them financial and social implications and communicate with me. Micki consistently over the last 4 years informs me (and anyone on her e-mail list) about the wide-range of county topics, the meetings, and what’s being discussed and voted on.

I’m confident that when a vote comes to push more costs on the town taxpayers, Micki will depart from our current legislator and vote no. I’m also confident that the time and effort Micki puts into educating herself and us on the issues will pay off for the people of Red Hook and the community we love.

Robert McKeon
Red Hook

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