Letters: Outsiders make committed insiders as well

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I would like to respond to a letter-writer in the Oct. 9 issue who indicated that Republicans in Rhinebeck are unsympathetic to candidates running for town office who have not grown up in the town.

This seems an unjust viewpoint just because the current slate are graduates of our local school. Of course, we are glad when Rhinebeckers choose to stay and live in their community, but we are also glad when others choose to live here and we realize that they contribute much to our community. The Republicans have had both supervisor and town board members who had moved to Rhinebeck and offered much.

In the current election, I think Rhinebeck should be very glad to have the team of Wayne Rifenburgh, John Traver and Ryan Dowden, a team that will place Rhinebeck on track for a responsible fiscal policy that will offer the taxpayers the most for their tax dollars.

I am one of many who have struggled to pay recent land and school tax bills and know how important sound financial decisions are for the town. I also know and appreciate the individual abilities of the candidates on the team.

Wayne Rifenburg has already demonstrated leadership and initiative as Deputy Mayor of Rhinebeck, Fire Chief of the Hillside Fire Department, Post Commander of American Legion Montgomery Post 429, and organizer of the annual Rhinebeck Memorial Day parade for more than 20 years. Under his leadership and guidance, John Traver and Ryan Dowden will be productive members of a Town Board committed to a cohesive and transparent government. They possess the vision and foresight essential to achieve a balance between Rhinebeck’s future growth and the preservation of its past.

Nancy V. Kelly

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