Letters: Endorsing Wayne Rifenburgh for Rhinebeck Supervisor

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On Nov. 5, the voters of the Town of Rhinebeck will elect a new slate of candidates. Personally I believe there is one individual running who stands out, and that is Wayne Rifenburgh.

It is no secret that Wayne and I have been friends for over 30 years. In 2008, I was lucky enough to convince him to run for the Village Board. My reason for doing so was simply, Wayne Rifenburgh is a leader and a doer. He has served this community his entire life and has a resume that proves that. For 3 ½ years — until he sold his home in the village, moved to the town and had to resign — he was a critical part of a very cohesive Village Board that focused on issues and problems and then took decisive action to accomplish what needed to be done. The accomplishments are highly visible and too many to list.

He clearly has demonstrated his commitment to Rhinebeck. He leads by example, by setting a positive tone, establishing a team concept, always following through and getting the job done. Voting should be not about Republican or Democrat; it should be about the best person for the job, and that person is Wayne. Rhinebeck needs a strong leader like Wayne Rifenburgh to move us into the future. With Wayne Rifenburgh as Town Supervisor, all of Rhinebeck wins.

Jim Reardon
Rhinebeck Village Mayor

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