Letters: Red Hook’s parking and traffic light problems are ridiculous

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Anyone besides me frustrated with the traffic and parking situation in Red Hook?

Is it not ridiculous how long it takes to get through the village. MOST of that traffic is just passing through. How many times do you stop for two cycles of the traffic light? Four-way red lights are very common. Pedestrians come to the corner, press the button, then take a look at traffic patterns, find a break and cross. Meantime, the button was pushed and the lights go through their pedestrian-crossing cycle and motorists all wait for the invisible pedestrians to cross. Meantime, traffic is backed up in both directions.

It has become just ridiculous. The powers that be must be able to solve this issue. Perhaps some sort of camera. If there are no pedestrians waiting, no 4-way red lights.

My second bone of contention is the lack of municipal parking. Local businesses need parking to succeed. We have a vacant IGA that is becoming a deteriorating eyesore and we have CVS wanting the property, but because CVS wants a drive-through pick-up window, the acquisition is blocked. Ridiculous. How will that create any more traffic than the supermarket caused? Meantime, the current CVS parking lot is full of cars patronizing other businesses. That is unfair to CVS and its customers, but in the end, there is no other parking. If you can’t find a spot, you move on over the bridge! Insufficient parking equals loss of business.

In my opinion, CVS take over the IGA and devises a flow pattern for their drive. The current CVS store should be demolished and a municipal parking lot take its place. Helps the businesses, accommodates customers and eases the frustrations of folks trying to get their errands done. It would be a big lift for local business if the village and/or town supported them by providing a municipal lot right there near everything.

C.D. Anderson
Red Hook

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