Letters: Rohr and her team are keeping Hyde Park on track

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The most important job for Hyde Park’s town administration is to set a positive vision for the future, and hold to that vision. Aileen Rohr and Team Hyde Park believe in the town’s future, and that is obvious in the work they have accomplished.

Hyde Park has tremendous historic assets, great family-friendly recreation and affordable housing. Wonderful new additions, like the Hyde Park Community Garden and the Hyde Park Artists Collective, are adding to this mix. A vibrant commercial district is next — and Rohr and her team have made great strides toward renewing Hyde Park’s commercial hubs, working collaboratively to create realistic and business-friendly plans for redevelopment of key areas.

There are tangible signs of progress – in new funding coming into the town, plans in development for sewer infrastructure, new and expanded businesses, and many beautification projects. A tremendous amount of work has gone on behind the scenes to bring these things to fruition. Residents of Hyde Park need to recognize this, and understand there is no silver bullet for Hyde Park’s challenges. There is plenty more to do, but we are on the right track.

It takes more than two years to create long-lasting change. Allowing Rohr and her team to keep building on the progress they have made so far is the best way to ensure that Hyde Park continues to grow and prosper as an affordable and attractive place to live and do business.

Elizabeth Celaya
Hyde Park

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