Letters: Complacency can cost Hyde Park its achievements

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I have served as an Election Inspector in the Town of Hyde Park for more than 35 years. While I recently decided not to continue doing so, I would like to advise voters to not be complacent. It is vitally important for everyone to exercise the right to vote in order to have representation in government.

Having said that, I hope that all citizens of Hyde Park who have been happy to see our town return to responsible, reasonable and competent governing under the current administration will get to the polls on Nov. 5 to support Team Hyde Park. While it may be easy to sit back and think, “Well, of course, they’ll be re-elected,” take it from someone who has observed voters for many years, the opposition ALWAYS comes out to vote.

Don’t assume that anyone will be re-elected just because you think they should be — you need to actually get out there and vote for them. Let’s keep our town functioning at this high level of achievement that has taken us from being an embarrassment to a role model for town government. Aileen Rohr, Emily Svenson and Ken Schneider have been intelligent, forward-thinking and community-minded public servants, and I support their re-election wholeheartedly.

I know that these incumbents will continue to serve us well, and will be valuable assets to the new candidates of Team Hyde Park. Experience counts, and integrity counts even more.

Pat Sheehan
Hyde Park

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