Letters: Ken Schneider will go the extra mile

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I have been a resident of Hyde Park since the age of 14, and I am a graduate of FDR High School, a local business owner and member of the planning board.

I met Ward 4 Councilman Ken Schneider about three years ago during the early stages of the formation of Team Hyde Park. I knew from the beginning he was a good, honest, working-class man who was ready to help Hyde Park and point the town in the right direction.

Over the last three years, Ken and I have become good friends with a common goal of improving Hyde Park often the topic of our discussions. Aside from being a great councilman, a friend, and an all-around good guy, Ken has become a role model for what I hope to be able to do for the town that I live in one day.

I realized this when we were at the ribbon-cutting for the new sports complex at FDR High School a few weeks ago. Ken and I were standing there with our wives, reminiscing about how we had attended that school, played on that field and the list goes on. It made me realize that we are just real people who want good things to come for Hyde Park.

Ken Schneider is your real guy and your councilman for Ward 4, he will go that extra mile for every one of you. Be sure to vote for Ken Schneider on lines D & E on Election Day.

Chris Oliver
Hyde Park

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