Letters: Let’s give Hyde Park’s town board more time to fix our problems

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While it is true that Hyde Park has had a reputation for “interesting” politics in the past, I think our current mixed-party Town Board is an excellent example of people working together in order to help the town, rather than play party politics.

Of particular interest to those of us in the hamlet of Staatsburg is the extreme flooding that we have endured for many years. With the cooperation of various town and state entities, Councilwoman Emily Svenson has obtained a grant to study the problem, and I am confident a solution will be found if Supervisor Aileen Rohr and her team are elected. Complex problems can be solved if we give people more than two years to solve them.

In the past 20 months, this Town Board has done an outstanding job of keeping taxes under control, obtaining $600,000 in grants, and focusing on an infrastructure that has needed attention for a very long time, just to name a few highlights. But more important, to me, is that they have treated each other and the residents of Hyde Park with intelligent, respectful attitudes.

Please join me in voting for Team Hyde Park: Emily Svenson, Cindy Todd, David Ray, Hannah Behrens, Aileen Rohr, and especially look for Ken Schneider on line D or E, to complete this wonderful team.

Judy Linville

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