Letters: Schneider and Rohr deserve our votes

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As active Democrats in our community, we have been pleased to see the way our Ward 4 Councilman Ken Schneider and Supervisor Aileen Rohr calmly tackled the financial chaos they inherited, while still taking the time to listen to, and learn about, residents’ most pressing issues. We cheered as we watched the recent meeting where auditors gave our Town Board’s 2012 financial report a clean bill of health, saying they expect Hyde Park’s bond rating to improve.

Schneider and Rohr also haven’t ducked longstanding problems with some of our water and sewer districts, and have been sensible about costs v. benefits in explaining what solutions might exist. That deep level of involvement alone shows how hard they are willing to work for our citizens, as it’s hardly the stuff of headlines. (Though in terms of headlines, it’s also been wonderful to see Hyde Park getting positive press instead of what we endured before.)

Last-minute Board of Elections shenanigans will keep Ken off the Democratic line he won unanimously at our July caucus. Join us, fellow Democrats and residents of Ward 4, to keep Ken Schneider in office, along with Rohr and Rich Perkins for County Legislator, and vote Row E or D. It will take a bit longer to look down the ballot, but the seconds could be the key to two more years of progress for our town.

Loretta and Jack Newman
Hyde Park

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