Letters: Support my dad, David Ray, for Ward 2

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I am writing in support of David Ray as Ward 2 candidate on the Hyde Park Town Board.

As his daughter, I have known Dave for 40 years and although he does not have a teaching degree, his “lessons,” for me have endured where school lessons may have been forgotten.

Field trips were our classrooms and an introduction to my hometown. We visited the FDR Home, Val-Kill, Vanderbilt’s, Mills, Norrie, the Drive-In, Pine Woods Park, the Boat Club, the Library, the Post Office, Cardinal Field, the original FDR High and Town Hall. He was forever pointing out cornerstone dates, fieldstone and all those gorgeous Hudson Valley stone walls.

Likewise, his stories were epic, especially about Hyde Park in its early years. Although I did not realize it in my younger years, Dave was quietly teaching lessons I’d need later in life: Remember where you came from; treat everyone the same no matter their background; don’t let education overcome common sense; listen more than you speak; be open to other points of view even if you don’t agree; there are two sides to every story; fight back with your brain, not your fists; everyone has good in them even if it’s hard to see; and the most important – if you are not at peace with yourself, you are at peace with nothing.

Dave may not have authored such pearls of wisdom, but it was from him that I first learned them.

Simply put, I believe my father has what a candidate for local office must: Knowledge of his ward and its people and love for both.

Susan Ray

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