Letters: Rhinebeck needs to be for one and all

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Republicans have launched a “Rhinebeck First” campaign for supervisor and two seats on the Town Board, proclaiming that their candidates are “lifelong Rhinebeck residents” and “your hometown team.”

So what are they telling thousands of Rhinebeckers like my wife and me who are here not because we happen to have been born here but because we chose to live in this beautiful historic town?

Are they saying that our opinions — our voices and votes — don’t really count? This sort of exclusionary campaign has no place in a country built by generations of immigrants and their descendants.

The three Democratic candidates have made it clear in their campaigns that they are dedicated to inclusiveness and diversity.

Elizabeth Spinzia, running for supervisor, is a successful TV producer who moved to Rhinebeck with her family seven years ago and has served two years on the board.

Joe Gelb, a longtime attorney, has lived in Rhinebeck more than 30 years because, he says, he loves this town. He has served on the board for four years and is seeking another term.

And yes, Elaine Fernandez, running for the other board seat, was born and raised in Rhinebeck. She will bring years of state legislative experience to the board.
And Kathy Kinsella offers eight years of proven results as highway superintendent.

We can vote in November not for a Rhinebeck just for “lifelong residents” but for making Rhinebeck a “home for all,” as Pope Francis said last week of his vision for the Catholic Church.

Jeffrey Antevil

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