Letters: Tivoli Sailing school helps kids and village businesses

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I am writing in response to The Observer’s ongoing coverage of the “Tivoli dock fight.” I am not an expert on zoning laws, but am writing to explain how the Tivoli Sailing Company’s summer sailing school has benefited the village.

Over the past three years, my 9-year-old son and many other local children I know have enjoyed participating in sailing camp. Each day, they set sail from the dock in Tivoli to explore the river – – to visit the local towns of Rhinecliff, Germantown, Catskill, and Saugerties. This has put my son in touch with the history and ecology of the Hudson River.

Jerome Hollick’s business has also brought much commerce to the Village of Tivoli, as parents patronize local businesses before and after camp. I know a few families who have rented homes in Tivoli for the summer expressly to enter their children in camp.

I think the dock is a bonus for the town of Tivoli and its residents and would be sorely missed if it were to fall into disrepair or be removed.

Jane Ryan Beck

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