Letters: Lisa Rubenstein really cares

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For the first time, I am compelled to support a candidate running for an elected position. Because she had a positive and significant impact on my life, I am fully supporting Lisa Rubenstein as Dutchess County Family Court Judge.

Two years ago, I was appearing at Foreclosure Court where I was attempting to defend myself against one of the largest banks in America. For two years, I missed one day of work a month to attend court conferences where the bank hassled me with ridiculous demands, despite my having provided all the information they requested. The bank lawyers frustrated me to the point of almost giving up.

However, Lisa Rubenstein empowered me to follow through with my objective. She witnessed the bank’s bullying techniques and stood up for me. She was concerned about my lost time at work, and she insisted on phone conferencing me in for the court appearances rather than me losing any more time at work.

Towards the end of my two-year battle with the bank, Lisa had had enough of their tactics and ordered that high-ranking bank personnel, not just lawyers, appear in court. Shortly after, I was able to reach a resolution with the bank regarding my case. Lisa’s genuine concern for my family made this possible.

Without hesitation, I encourage you to vote for Lisa Rubenstein for Dutchess County’s Family Court Judge because she is fair, she exhibits true concern, and she reaches resolutions to conflicts with both parties’ interests in mind.

Lenna Difabio

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