Letters: An explanation from Ken Schneider

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Let me first thank all of you for allowing me to serve our community and be the voice of this great 4th Ward. I fully enjoy the challenges and rewards in solving many issues in Hyde Park and look forward to continuing.

One issue that I cannot resolve is the political unfairness here in our Town and County. I was informed on Friday, Sept. 27 at 5pm that Erik Haight, the Republican Elections Commissioner, and Jean MacArthur, the chairwoman of the party in Hyde Park, found a clerical error on an election form submitted in July and took away my Democratic line for this year’s election. It’s a sad day when you’re trying to work hard for the town and political tricks interfere with voters’ choice.

So what actions can I take? I could hire a lawyer and spend up to $10,000 to fight a lengthy battle in court, but I’m choosing to take the high road and will stay focused on the work of Hyde Park that you elected me to do.

I made a promise when I was out campaigning to residents and to my family that I would do my level best to help Hyde Park’s business climate improve, keep taxes under control and respond to any issues you have with the town. I intend, with your help, to continue this fight.

When you go to vote, you can find me on the ballot in two places: line D (Working Families) and line E (Independence). Just find my name, and fill in the circle.
Our town doesn’t need a battle over which party is in office –this race is about who is the best person for the job. Dirty politics has gone on way too long and it hurts all of us.

Again, I ask each and everyone of you to please cast your vote on Nov. 5 for me on lines D or E. I plan to win, but every vote REALLY will matter! Together, we can fight back against these political shenanigans.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. My home telephone number is 229-0729 and my email address is Kschneiderward4@optonline.net. You can read more about me at www.TeamHydePark.com.

Ken Schneider
Councilman, Ward 4

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