Letters: Clinton needs Alyssa Kogon

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This year, the town of Clinton has a chance to set their sights higher. I am writing to endorse Alyssa Kogon for Clinton town supervisor. Alyssa has worked tirelessly, without the benefit of being an elected official, to help her friends and neighbors in Clinton. When the current town board proposed an almost 30 percent tax increase a year ago, Ms. Kogon alerted her fellow taxpayers to come out and speak against it. Although the increase was 10 percent, much higher than the tax cap allows, it was a victory for the pocketbooks of Clinton residents.

Alyssa also advocated against moving historic buildings to a new town hall complex and worked to keep the town board from accepting the second part of an approximately $2 million bond. Alyssa is also a strong advocate of local contractors’ storage rights.

As a former Clinton Community Library trustee, avid community volunteer, and 25-year resident of the town, Alyssa Kogon is the new voice Clinton needs. Please vote for Alyssa Kogon on Nov. 5 for Clinton Town Supervisor.

Susan O’Halloran

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