Letters: Grateful supporting NDH expansion

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As a pastor and a close neighbor to Northern Dutchess Hospital, I want to lend my support for the reasonable and necessary expansion of the hospital.

I am grateful for the many times that NDH has served the citizens of our community, and the members of my immediate family. Most recently, they were there when my diabetic daughter went into diabetic shock and required extensive life-saving measures and treatment in the ICU.

I understand that we all have our opinions as to how Rhinebeck should grow, but we also need to see the value and the importance of the proposed hospital expansion and how it will enhance the quality and care for life.

Having observed the hospital for the past 10 years, I am confident that they will take great care to do things in an aesthetically pleasing way, as they continue to grow in order to provide continued excellent medical services.

Thaddeus Dragula
Pastor, First Baptist Church of Rhinebeck

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