Letters: Gaffe keeps Ken Schneider on ballot, but not on Democrat line

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I am writing to bring attention to a matter that is very important not only to myself and my family, but to all Hyde Park residents. As a resident in Ward 4 in the Town of Hyde Park, we have had the privilege to be represented by Ken Schneider as our Councilman in the last two years.

My family and I have known Ken for many years, and he is truly not only an outstanding father and husband, but also a huge asset to all of us living here in Ward 4. It has been brought to my attention that due to a clerical error, Ken’s name will only appear on Lines D and E on the ballot on Election Day, Nov. 5. I feel very strongly that this administrative gaffe could cost the good people of Hyde Park the opportunity to have Ken continue to serve them. This letter is being submitted as a sign of our full support of Ken.

This is not your typical party-politics letter-writing campaign because Ken has served Hyde Park as a Democrat, and I am a registered Conservative. So you see, this is more about supporting a good man who has proven to be an asset to Hyde Park rather than just rubber-stamping a political party. Vote for Ken Schneider, Councilman, on Nov. 5 on Line D (Working Families) or Line E (Independence).

Mark Grimaldi, Economist
Hyde Park

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