Letters: Let’s keep town leaders in place

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The farce that was the Hyde Park Town Board is no more. The reason is simple — the leadership of Aileen Rohr and our current Town Board. This board has followed through on their campaign pledge to return calm and respect to Hyde Park.

This team works hard, they work smart and they work for all of Hyde Park. Elected as “Team Hyde Park,” Rohr and her bi-partisan board truly are a team. Their two years in office have been characterized by focus on issues and not on the bickering and animosity that characterized the last administration. Not only did this bickering prevent any real work from getting done, it undermined our standing in the broader community and worked against the redevelopment we all seek.

Let’s keep Hyde Park focused on the work of solving town problems, not petty politics. Vote “Team Hyde Park” –Aileen Rohr, Emily Svenson, David Ray, Hannah Behrens and Ken Schneider — in November.

Ed Freeman
Hyde Park

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