Letters: Cheers for Hyde Park’s teams on the field and in Town Hall

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As I was attending the ribbon-cutting ceremony at FDR for the new sports facility, I felt such a sense of community pride. As a former parent of a student who played four years of football, I couldn’t feel any more excited for the players and the rest of the student body. This was the first homecoming that I can recall where we won 50-7!!! Way to go, Presidents!!

I saw many people wearing “Keep Hyde Park on Track” T-shirts. This got me thinking about my own experience serving on the Town of Hyde Park town board. How do we keep Hyde Park on track? The answer is simple, please keep Team Hyde Park in office.

Our Quarterback and team Captain Aileen Rohr is a strong leader and makes the strong plays on and off the field. She is dedicated and has a wonderful understanding on how to drive us down the field to score touchdowns.

We also have an All-Star receiver in Councilwoman Emily Svenson, Ward 1. Emily is so good at catching grants that she has already received $550,000. That’s all free money for our town for new sidewalks, and flooding and engineering studies on our water and sewer plants.

Like any good team, we lose great players like Bill Truitt and Joe Petito. But we have two great players who have been ready to play. We have David Ray, Ward 2 and Hanna Behrens, Ward 3. These two players have already gone thru training camp and are and will be ready for game day. Please on Nov. 5 vote for Team Hyde Park.

Ken Schneider
Hyde Park Councilman Ward 4

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