Letters: Let’s keep Joe Gelb on Rhinebeck town board

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As co-chair of the Open Space and Affordable Housing Committee of the Town of Rhinebeck, I have worked very closely with Joe Gelb and would like to offer my public support for his candidacy for the Town of Rhinebeck Town Board.

Joe Gelb has been liaison to our committee for the past two years. Joe has worked closely with the committee in negotiating and drafting an agreement with The Gardens, a new condominium development in Rhinebeck, to provide subsidized workforce housing units in that development. Workforce housing and affordable housing are similar concepts, except that workforce housing emphasizes housing for those who live or work in the community.

In addition, Joe has worked with the committee in drafting a proposed local law to provide for affordable housing in Rhinebeck. Such housing is one of the goals of the Town of Rhinebeck Comprehensive Plan adopted in 2009.

Joe, a retired attorney, is tireless in his work effort, and I believe that the legal work that he has provided to our committee would have cost tens of thousands of dollars if we had needed to hire an outside attorney to accomplish the tasks the Town has asked us to complete. It is my belief that Joe’s legal training provides an important skill set that our committee is benefiting from and I hope he will be continued in office.

Jonathan Mensch

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