Letter: Supporting Micki Strawinski for County Legislator

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I support Micki Strawinski for Red Hook County Legislator. Her enduring commitment to education is eloquently expressed in her record of self-education, ranging from shepherding her own kids through to their honors and highest honors college successes to her extensive history of joining, organizing and leading youth, parent and parent-teacher groups. Her constituency grew with her successful tenure on the Red Hook Town Board, during which she liaised with the Conservation Advisory Committee, the Greenways and Trails Committee, the Senior Services Committee, the Tree Commission and the Recycling Center. She helped organize the town-wide Annual Spring Cleanup and the Red Hook Winter Market. She’s a distinguished former chair of the Red Hook Democratic Committee.

Last winter, Ben Traudt, the chair of our county legislature’s environment committee, in a move reminiscent of old-time Red Hook Republicans who spurned New Deal offers to subsidize a new public sewer system, neglected to recognize that clean water is everybody’s business and encouraged the Republican-laden committee to table a resolution requesting the state ban hydrofracking. Ben’s support of new jail construction is upside down, too: it seems perverse to promise, especially when crime rates are down here in the home of the New Deal, that we will continue doing our bit to protect the No. 1 status of the nation’s world-record incarceration rate.

I’m certain that had Micki been in Ben’s seat she would have been a more vocal protector of our clean water. I have no doubts that Micki recognizes our critical need to find educational alternatives to incarceration. Her opponent shows the promise of a prodigy, but Micki has lived more, she has learned more, and she is much better prepared to deliver on her promise than he is on his.

Frank Knobloch
Red Hook

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