Letters: Support our Red Hook students

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Every year, I write a welcome-back letter to faculty. I started this year’s letter reminding them that we all stand on the edge of an amazing opportunity to influence the lives of children and young adults. This statement holds true for parents and other community members as well.

Our task is certainly monumental. Namely, to develop in our youth the knowledge, intellectual integrity, and social consciousness that prepares them to accept the obligations and opportunities found in our complex society. This is our collective responsibility to the next generation.

In order to meet this responsibility, the school district employs intelligent and thoughtful staff members who work diligently to maintain a safe and challenging academic environment. This alone does not guarantee student success. We recognize that behind every successful young person is a web of caring adults who set high expectations for achievement.

We are so thankful to all those in our community who work with us to realize student success. Our status as a nationally recognized school district is a reflection of your support. We look forward to working with you in the 2013-2014 school year.

Paul Finch
Superintendent, Red Hook Central School District

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