Letters: Teachers, not students, need higher standards

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Regarding your article in the Aug. 28 issue on the statewide student test scores, I am concerned by a statement made by Paul Finch, Superintendent of the Red Hook Schools. He said the schools had not been given adequate funding to implement new standards.

Teachers are given more time off than any other professionals. They have winter recess, spring break, summer holidays and more. Why should the taxpayers have to foot the bill for $200 per day substitutes so the teachers can have even more time off from their classrooms to prepare themselves for higher standards? If the teachers need to update their skills, they should be made to do it on their own time; either at night or during one of their many holidays. Sending a substitute into a classroom is disruptive to the learning process anyway, and, it would seem, counterproductive.

The schools already spend too much, the administrators and the teachers receive too much, and it is the students who seem to be short-changed. The schools and their administrators should stop whining about underfunding when they already have bloated budgets that are breaking the backs of local taxpayers.

For all the money we spend on public education, the results seem to be insufficient and the performance of the students is not up to par, leaving them unprepared for college and the workplace.

Karen V. West

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