Letters: Rhinebeck needs a fresh team in these troubled times

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Municipal governments throughout New York are faced with mandates and funding cuts from the county, state and federal level. These challenges demand leadership, fresh ideas and a sincere dedication to community on the local level.

The ticket to success in these trying times is the Rhinebeck First team. This devoted group of lifelong Rhinebeck residents has the vision and resolve necessary to preserve the integrity of our rural and beloved Hudson Valley gem.

Wayne Rifenburgh, former deputy mayor of the Village of Rhinebeck from 2009 to 2012, heads the team for Supervisor. Wayne is a natural leader and the obvious choice for bringing a renewed sense of focus to Town Government. Running with Wayne are John Traver and Ryan Dowden, who will bring much needed youth and enthusiasm to the Town Board. Because both are sons of former Rhinebeck Supervisors, they have an institutional knowledge of Rhinebeck’s past and a strong sense of duty in procuring its brightest future.

Wayne is a decorated U.S. Army veteran and an honors graduate of the Defense Language Institute. He is a life member of the American Legion and VFW, as well as a life member and past chief of the Hillside Fire Department. Community-minded, he has organized the annual Rhinebeck Memorial Day Parade for over 20 years and recently served as project manager for the new Village of Rhinebeck Police building.

John Traver has worked with Samuel’s of Rhinebeck for over 12 years and is dedicated to championing local business and preserving our village center. John has been dealing with Rhinebeck citizens on a daily basis s from his early high school days, A Summa Cum Laude Economics and English graduate of Union College, John has the tools to run efficient government.

Ryan Dowden has been involved with the Town of Rhinebeck his entire life. He’s a former PANDA videographer, seasonal town employee and student member of the Conservation Advisory Committee. He is a graduate of Dutchess Community College, where he was chair of its Community Service Committee as well as a student Senator. While earning his BA from SUNY Binghamton, Ryan studied diplomatic relations abroad in Spain, China and Morocco.

The Rhinebeck First team knows that politics has no place in municipal government. Today’s economic circumstances force our public servants to do more with less, and this challenge must be met with leadership, fresh ideas and a cohesive team dedicated to doing the best for every constituent, and, in turn, for the community. Wayne Rifenburgh, John Traver and Ryan Dowden are today’s answer for the challenges of tomorrow. These lifelong residents and stalwarts of Rhinebeck understand what needs to be done to secure a bright future for our town.

Dennis J. McGuire
Former Rhinebeck Town Supervisor

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