Letters: Mid-Hudson Valley women’s rights rally needs your support

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The New York Civil Liberties Union, Hudson Valley Area Labor Federation and Mid-Hudson Planned Parenthood are among a score of local and state organizations that have endorsed a meeting in support of women’s rights that will take place at Peace Park in New Paltz, next to Village Hall, on Sat. Sept. 7. (Storm date, Sun. Sept. 8.)

Women and men throughout the region are expected to attend the event, which is part of a nationwide series of demonstrations initiated by WORD (Women Organized to Resist and Defend) beginning in late August in recognition of Women’s Equality Day. The Mid-Hudson WORD chapter is organizing the New Paltz rally, which starts promptly at 1pm, followed by a march through the business district.

The past few years have seen an unprecedented attack in more than a dozen states on our right to legal, safe abortion — a constitutional right approved by the U.S. Supreme Court 40 years ago this year. In addition to reproductive rights, speakers will address the plight of low-wage female workers, including millions of single mothers living in or near poverty; and the unremitting high levels of violence against women in America, among other topics.

I invite all Mid-Hudson Valley supporters of women’s rights in to join us Sept. 7. For further information, contact np@defendwomensrights.org, and also link to www.defendwomensrights.org.

Donna Goodman
New Paltz

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